Guilt-ridden dilemma

Jessie • Housewife, animal mom of 3, Sylvia❤️ 👶🏻 3/30/2020

So, just to preface this. I love my mother in law. She is nice, we get along well, and she accepted me into the family with open arms as soon as hubby and I started dating.

Now to the dilemma.

This weekend is a beginning of fall festival in the village I live in, and my mil loves coming down and hanging out with hubs and me at the festival. A couple weeks ago, she texted me, asking if she could just spend the whole weekend at our place. Which would mean, Friday night-Sunday morning.

2 problems hit me with that; 1: We don’t exactly have the best furniture for her to sleep on. We have a loveseat that rocks really easily and a couple of recliners, so I wouldn’t know how she could handle sleeping on any of these for 2 nights. 2: the cat box is near all of the possible sleeping spots for her, and our cats dumps can clear a room. So, I simply told her that I will talk it over with my hubs and we’ll see from there. She said if spending the nights is an issue, she could spend the night at my husband’s sister’s house, which is 10-15 minutes away from us. Seeing as she had options, I didn’t really hurry in confirming whether or not she could stay with us. I was mostly worrying about how up to a sleepover I would be this week.

On Monday this week, my mom had knee replacement surgery and I spent 2 days and 2 nights at my parents house, watching my mom cry in pain in the hospital after the nerve block fully wore off. When I got back home, I realized the festival was THIS WEEKEND. Sleep deprived and mentally and emotionally drained from being in a hospital and seeing my mom in tears (nothing anybody wants to see), I texted my mil asking her if she would be ok with staying with my sil, offering that we could still all hang out but I wasn’t sure about how good of a hostess I would be for sleepovers.

She didn’t reply.

I informed my husband of my decision and he got upset and blamed my not wanting to host on me just not wanting to clean the house and get it ready for people. I tried multiple times to clarify that I was happy to have her over, just not for sleepovers. He didn’t take that answer and said I was being rude and her lack of reply means she was hurt by my text.

Welp, today, my decision changed. My sil is 37 weeks pregnant and is being induced because the doctors are worried about the baby’s heart. I texted mil to let her know, due to sil’s circumstances, and due to my mental energy returning after 2 full nights rest and multiple naps (I am 12 weeks pregnant), I would be happy to have her this weekend and apologized for the earlier text.

She replied saying she understood why I was not sure how I felt about hosting a sleepover and that I have reason to be tired. But she might only stay Saturday night because of sil.

I still feel guilty about the text. Should I be?