Pregnant, stressed.. Should I leave my husband?


I posted a few days ago sharing my frustration of my husband taking in his friend who has become homeless. It was only suppose to be a temporary help until we move to another state in 7 weeks. My husband decided to invite this individual to move with us and offered to fully financially support him. His friend has made no effort after several attempts of us encouraging him to get a job, stating multiple excuses about why his life sucks and he has no car. But turns out, why would he need to work, when he has my husband to support him? I’m 10 weeks pregnant and starting to get hormonal, and it has taken a strain on my sanity. I decided to express my frustration to my husband who’s usually very closed minded and does as he pleases most of the time. Please see our conversation below.

I hate to give him an ultimatum because our marriage is so much stronger and loved than that, but at this point, I’m not going to stand in the background and constantly having to watch over my back or my kids back to help someone who doesn’t try to help themselves first. My sister did have a good point, that in the end, my husband does eventually usually does respect me enough but since we only have 7 weeks left, time is surely running out.

Not to mention, this person irritates my soul. I can’t believe not only are we to support our family, a newborn baby but now we have to take on a burden of a full grown adult. How could he (the full grown adult) not know that he’s being such a burden?

But clearly, I’m fully aware, the problem is my husband. The initiator.

This stress is really putting a toll on my pregnancy...