In need of advice or someone to talk to.

I’m not even sure how to start this post but I’m gonna start off by saying that I am 19 and my fiancé is 32. I have recently moved out of my toxic family house to move with him a couple states away. Now I am living with him in his home state. I understand many people may be shallow about this but we have similar family backgrounds and a lot in common. We are both 100% hispanic 🇨🇴🇸🇻🇲🇽

From the beginning of the story:

We met at a wedding and hit it off. We had a lot in common for an age gap like this.The wedding was in my home state and he came from out of state. After the reception was done around 12am we headed to the after party together and hung out all night. I’m a very shy person so before I decided to kiss him. The next day after the wedding he has to fly back home. We exchange numbers and continue texting. A week goes by and he calls to tell me he got a job offer in my home state and wants to take the offer to see where things go with us. Like I said it has been magic even though we disagree on somethings. So then he moves up closer to me and we had hot hot sex on the day he came to move. Five months later I get in a huge fight with my toxic family and I leave and we move back to his state and now we are happily living together. But I have always wanted a family because I’ve never really had such a great family of my own, most of them are manipulative and like to play mind games. I’ve been thinking about this more lately because I feel so alone in this state that I have never been to. I dont have any family here just my fiancé.