TMI!! Need some advice!

joyce • Momma to Haven Marie!💖👶👣 08\24/18

So I'm 23 and my periods have always been a little on the heavy side. Last month on 9/08/19 I had my mirena removed. Started bleeding that day and lasted for about 5 days or so. Well I just got my period last night and boy is it brutal!! I have soaked threw 3 super plus tampons in a little under 3.5 hours! To the point where I have ruined 3 pairs of panties!!😠 I usually dont have any major symptoms with my period, such as cramping, headache, ECT.. But this one has my stomach hurting so bad I can barely move!! My period was more than 5 days late so I took a pregnancy test and thought I saw a faint line on the 13th. Has anyone else experienced this a month after IUD removal?