Which method do you use to take temperature? Worried about constant low grade fever??



So my LO has an on/off ear infections and during these time I monitor his temperature for obvious reasons. Anyway, I noticed that even when he is well and fine, his rectal temperature can be 37.6 (99.68). I started keeping track, and over a six week period he would quite often have a ‘low grade fever’, sometimes even 37.9 (100.22).

After six weeks of it I took him to the doctor who said it’s not normal and to take antibiotics to treat the cause of infection, if nothing changes then to get a full blood test.

Well he finished the antibiotics now and nothing has changed. All day his temperature was within normal range then tonight at bed time I did a quick check and it’s 37.9 (100.22).

The thing is though, he is fine and if I wasn’t checking I would never think he would have a higher temp. He’s active and plays, hits all his milestones, eats like a horse etc.

He is cutting his first molars with three through and one other nearly through - could this explain it?

My question to anyone reading with a similar aged bub is, what is their temperature when taken RECTALLY?

I’ve read that rectal temperatures can read higher.

Help ease my mind please 😣