Bed bug spray from years ago


Six-some-odd years ago when I was a dumb kid not at all concerned with one day becoming pregnant, I thought I had bed bugs. I ordered some spray and followed the directions to spray my mattress, open the windows, etc. Haven’t had a bed bug problem since, but now I am 29 weeks with #1 and having a lot of anxiety about all sorts of things, including the fact that I’ve been sleeping on that mattress ever since. Could the chemicals that were seeped in there from all those years ago have affected my pregnancy? Everything has been normal in our scans, but lately I’ve been fast forwarding in my head to when the baby is grown and worrying she’ll have developmental delays. There’s a part of me that is rationally aware that I am having intense third trimester anxiety and that likely, none of my fears are rooted in reality. But I can’t help seeking counsel on this one. Thoughts?