Sex Academy Short Story #1 - Shower Sex 😛😩💦


I want so badly to be yours, I think, moaning softly as I touch myself. I'm alone, under the covers in my room, but the walls are thin enough that you can hear the banging of bed frames against the walls as students make love. Hearing their muffled screams only makes me hungrier for you.

The sheets become too twisted and hot to bear, so I throw them off completely, exposing my naked body to the chilly air. I've only been rubbing my clit from the outside of my vulva, knowing that if I really try to cum, I'll make a mess and have to change the sheets. Again.

My nipples are tingling in that odd way they do when I become unbearably turned on. I can begin to feel my juices wetting the inside of my sweet, tight hole, and I want so badly to be penetrated your deft fingers once again.

I decide that if I have to fuck myself, it'll be more enjoyable in the showers, and make my way to the bathroom. It's past midnight now, so I think that I'll be alone to pleasure myself in peace.

However, I find that there is someone else in the shower. It's hard to make out the figure through the textured glass of the sliding door. But who else would it be other than you?

Why would you be showering so late at night? My face is flushed, and I smirk knowingly. Perhaps you are in the same predicament I am. Perhaps we could make each other cum yet again, something I've been dreaming about for a while.

I close the door behind me and lock it. You look up at the noise, and notice me walking towards you. My opening is dripping and my mouth is aching to taste you.

You slide the glass door open, coyly inviting me in. I gladly accept, stepping into the steamy shower.

The water is comfortably hot, raining down and turning my skin sensitive and slick. You wrap your hands around my waist and pull me towards you, and I slide my hands around your neck. We stare at each other, the water pouring over us. I slowly move my face to yours, opening my mouth slightly to catch your lips. Savoring this sweet, forbidden love.

I slide my right hand from behind your neck, down your breasts, your stomach, and finally, your slit. I slip two fingers into you, and you jolt towards me uncontrollably, pushing my back against the tiled wall. Your hands painfully tighten around my waist and you moan into my mouth. I can tell how wet you've gotten for me, even with all this hot water raining down on us. My fingers move deeper inside you, and your walls spasm around me.

You kiss me, hard, pushing my head into the wall. Your mouth traces my jawline with kisses, nibbles my ears, and grazes my neck with your teeth. I shiver, feeling your breathing getting heavier, hot against my skin. You start to suck on my neck, moving down to my breasts and my nipples. I am going to have dark bruises tomorrow morning, marking me as yours.

With two fingers still inside of you, I rub your clit with my thumb. Gently at first, and then with increasing intensity and speed. I can hear your breaths becoming louder and faster, moaning, begging me. You bite my nipple as you climax, trying to contain your screams. I have to choke back a scream of my own as my nipple is rock hard in your mouth.

Your breathing slows down and you release the grip you had taken on me. You move your tongue over to my other nipple, giving it just as much attention as my other breast. I slide my hands up to your throat, pressing my fingers into your soft skin and slightly choking you. I can't help it. Your merciless teasing of my sensitive parts deserves punishment.

Your tongue slides over my stomach as you kneel in front of me. Your fingers probe my opening, finding my clit for your mouth to kiss. My legs tremble as you slowly lick my slit and begin sucking on my engorged clitoris. My hands are tangled in your hair as you eat and finger my pulsating kitty. I bite my lip to stifle my screams, squeezing my eyes shut as I cum all over your mouth.

Once you emerge from between my legs and I stop shaking, I press my lips against the sensitive spot behind your ear. Now that you've made me nearly scream twice, I must deliver the same to you. I whisper all the dirty, naughty things I will do you while my hands trail over your body. I slowly bend my knees, kissing your body from your ears, to your neck, to your nipples, to your stomach, all the way down to your opening.

I place my hands on the insides of your thighs, making my way up. My fingers slide into you as I run my tongue over your clit, softly biting at first. I want to make you go crazy. I move hands to your buttocks, gripping them as your legs begin to shake. I suck on your clit like a hard candy. You're gripping my scalp so tightly it's painful, and we both let out suppressed moans. Your sweet juices flow down into my mouth, and I gladly lick them up.

I stand up, facing your dazed, hungry face, kiss you deeply. My tongue slips into your mouth, and you moan softly. We suck and bite and kiss for a while before we finally separate, our mouths hovering apart. I reluctantly separate from you, gliding my hand down your body as I finally step away, leaving you in the shower. You watch me walk away, and it is taking so much control to not wrap myself around you again.

I want nothing more than for us to pleasure each other again. But I know we will soon meet again.