The Set Up pt.11

Jayce met up with Brooke for lunch at the cafeteria. She talked about upcoming projects, visiting family during break, but she didn’t mention anything about her little meeting with Luke. Jayce was waiting for Brooke to mention swim thing about Luke, but Brooke never did. Jayce felt a bit upset & was a little hurt that Brooke was keeping things from him. He was a pretty understanding guy, but this was too much for him to handle.

Brooke: Are you ok?

Jayce: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?

Brooke: Ok, hey I gotta go study for tonight’s class. Walk with me?

Jayce: Yeah.

Jayce brings their trays to the tray return. He tries to shake off his emotions. Maybe she’ll tell him about Luke when the timing is right.

The whole night, as Jayce laid his head down to sleep, he felt uneasy & couldn’t sleep. Why were Luke & Brooke at the coffee shop? Maybe they were in there the same time? Maybe they were secretly back together? What did they talk about? How long would Brooke keep this from him! He took a walk outside & found himself outside Brooke’s night class classroom. He decided to wait for her.

Soon the class let out & Brooke came out the door & down the steps. She was surprised to see Jayce waiting for her.

Brooke: Hey, what are you doing here?

Jayce: I wanted to see you. Come here.

Jayce brings Brooke to the back stage of the theater. They wait until the class lets out & they start walking through the props & find themselves inside a castle prop. They giggle as they dodge the students & the drama professor.

Jayce & Brooke lock eyes. Jayce brings Brooke’s face closer by gently holding her chin. He kisses her. Brooke smiles & starts removing Jayce’s shirt. Jayce starts unbuttoning Brooke’s yellow dress. Brooke climbs on top of Jayce & they start making out. Brooke runs her fingers through Jayce’s hair. Jayce slips Brooke’s dress down & looks at her breasts. He fondles & squeezes them. Brooke moans & starts getting excited. She unzips Jayce’s pants.

Brooke: Do you have a...

Jayce reaches into his pocket for a condom. He puts it on & Brooke grabs his penis. She massages him a bit & puts his penis in her & starts riding him. Their moans echo the entire backstage area. Just as they were holding each other, they heard the doors open & close.

Brooke (whispering): Do you hear that?

Jayce put his finger against his lips to signal for Brooke to keep quiet. Jayce peeked up & through the castle’s window. It was the campus security guard. The two quickly got dressed & looked for the exit without getting caught.