Frustrated but happy

I’m so frustrated in some ways and extremely happy in others. I went into preterm labor that spontaneously stopped, which I’m greatful for. However, I was told when i was in labor that I was going to be having a baby in a day or 2. Well baby never came. I was mentally prepared for a baby by the 3rd day in the hospital and the NICU stay. Then I saw my OB and she said I’d have a baby in a week. No baby. Then my next weekly appointment she tells me she is surprised I’m still pregnant and that I showed up to my appointment! Still no baby. Another week goes by and she’s still surprised I haven’t given birth yet. Last week she told me she thought I would deliver this upcoming week. Now I just want her to stop saying anything because I’m disappointed with every week that goes by. I feel like I’m never going to go into labor (it’s safe now). I just feel like she is teasing me every week with how shocked she is that I’m still pregnant and guessing I’ll go into labor that week and getting my hopes up.