Help I need advice

So I dated this guy we will call him O and we broke up because his mom didn’t think we should be together but we always go back to each other and it’s so hard Bc I have feelings for him that won’t disappear ever he makes me feel so good about myself and makes me so happy and treats me amazing better than I have ever been treated and we are staring to talk again as friends but I get those feelings every time we talk and he told me that he has those feelings still and that he still wants to be with me he walked me to class today and gave me hugs and I feel so happy when I am with him but Ik it’s gonna end the same way and I have been talking to this other guy we will call him Y me and Y have been talking for about 4 months and he is the definition of perfect but he doesn’t treat me like O does and it makes me miss O even more but I have a future with him and I am really happy with him and he makes me smile and he is sweet and I like him a lot but I feel like he doesn’t make enough time for me I see him once a day for like 1 minute sometimes less or when I see him out of school it’s at night idk what to do I’ve been really stressing about it I have true feelings for O but I like Y a lot but I don’t have a future with O and I do with Y I need some advice please don’t hate on me or either of them