What’s the difference with Godparents ?

Sooooo what’s the difference between “Baptism Godparents” and “Representation Godparents” My husband and I both have one godson. But recently a few years ago my husband was asked to be godfather of our nephew but NOT for Baptism it’s called when you present them to the church

I hope that’s how it’s called. Well I do give our godson stuff here and there but I sometimes forget about my husband godson. Idk if it’s because he has his own Godparents already from his baptism and my husband was just godfather for presentation. Do I have to give him gifts and stuff just like the one we Baptized.

Idk I just feel like you’re real real Godparents are the ones who baptized you, you know? not the ones who represent you? I think

Can someone explain or correct me.

Are you a Godparent of Representation? If so how does that work?