My boyfriend walked in on me!!

So I just got home from work and I’m exhausted. Had to stay a little late because I had some clients I needed to finish helping.

I have had to go to the bathroom so freaking bad all day but I hate pooping at work because it’s just not peaceful and quiet.

I walk in the door, set my stuff down and pop a squat on the toilet to do my business of course. I’m playing on my phone, catching up on my notifications from the day when I hear my boyfriend walk in and say “baby! Look what I’ve got!”

MF opens up the door to show me that he got some food from Schwans...

So there I was... sitting on the toilet lookin like I’m waiting on a bus trying to enjoy a nice peaceful crap and he’s handing me a box of shepherds pie & a tub of ice cream...

I guess when you’ve been together 3 years... nothing is off limits. 😂

All I can say is I hope every time he goes for the ice cream, all he can picture is me sitting on the toilet.