Egg retrieval failure


I am feeling so defeated. I had my 3rd egg retrieval yesterday. 6 eggs were retrieved, today we found out that none of them fertilized. I had the one blast frozen from my last retrieval and I am so grateful for this, but also so scared because it feels like everything is riding on this one blast, like it is our last chance.

I have taken all the vitamins suggested for egg quality, I have done acupuncture, I am a healthy person, I am 35 (ttc for 3 years now) I feel like I have tried everything.

My first FET was a miscarriage that ended with a trip to the ER at 1am and an emergency D&C. It was the most physically painful thing I have ever experienced. I want to be hopeful about the one blast we have, but with everything we have been through I have a lot of fear and I am feeling knocked down pretty hard tonight.