HELP! Gonal f pen mistake


Please can someone who knows a bit about those Gonal f pens please help me? I was super flustered the first time I did my injection 3 days ago as I had to leave for work. Anyway instead of screwing the needle in, I pushed and clicked it in. It seemed to work fine and then on the third day (this morning) I did what I had previously done, but when I took the needle out I noticed it was wonky. So it definitely wasn’t in properly.

Anyway I told my partner and he was like you have to screw it in duh 🙄 and now I am sobbing because I’m scared I’ve not been injecting myself with the Gonal f like I thought I was for the past three days because the needle wasn’t in properly. The only saving grace is that I never noticed any liquid coming out from anywhere else, and the dial always went back to 0. So the liquid must have gone somewhere right? 150iu wouldn’t have dripped on the floor un noticed would it? I’ll ring the clinic in the morning but for now I need someone’s advise so that I can get to sleep tonight 😭♥️