PIO Injection... slightly panicking

CJ • Mom to a teen, 5 yrs TTC 1st child with DH, Male Factor Infertility (MFI), 1st IUI 5/3/19 💔🚫, 1st IVF 5dt 11/19 ❤️🤰🏽*Aug2020*

DH did my 1st Progesterone in Oil injections and everything was fine. He had to work late tonight, so I decided to inject tonight’s dose.

I had already began injecting when I realized that I forgot to pull before pushing (to check for blood in the syringe) so, mid-injection....I pulled...and there was blood....so I pulled the whole thing out, as I remembered that you’re supposed to start over if this happens. However, I had already injected .5 of the 2cc dose. And now I’m (not) crying....😢 I have no idea what to do. DH will be home soon and he said he’ll inject 1.5cc and then we can tell the nurse tomorrow. I just don’t want to ruin everything. 😢😓