Implant .... healing process


I just got the implant contraceptive today. This bruise is growing.

Day one. Only been 13 hours. Yaaaaay :(

End of day 2, the bruise has grown a bit. Got darker. I also feel that the bandaid isn’t helping. I have sensitive skin and the bandaid is making my skin extremely itchy. I don’t have much pain. But my arm feels sore.

End of day 3, the bandaid i originally had stated it vying like crazy and after my shower i took it off. But in fear of messing up the healing process i placed a smaller bandaid. From what i can see, what i though was a huge bruise turned out to just be a bruise along the area where the original bandaid was. I also find it cool/weird that i can see the implant.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated on this whole process :)