Help.. struggling 5 year old.

So my daughter is only 5 and she has really bad anxiety. It's to the point she is scared of everything. Like if were just standing outside she has to hold my hand bc she don't wanna get lost. She gets nervous over everything. And I think her anxiety Is affecting her school work. Yes she is learning alot slower than the other kids in her class but her teacher told me she hasn't learned a single things like sounding out her ABC's, counting, spelling. She can spell I, like, can, the. She can sound out at least half of her ABC's. And she can count to 8. But at school, shes too scared to do it. Her teacher told me when doing Anything , she'll stand back a min and watch all the other kids then do the thing when sure she'll get it right. Shes very quiet. Shes the most sweetest kid, she don't talk back, she don't argue or even get an attitude unless shes sleepy, she loves everything and everybody. But what can I do for her? I wanna help with the anxiety. I hate it that every day I just feel bad for my daughter. I don't want to bc I feel shes weak and I know for a fact she is not. I don't want her to see her self as weak. Shes a strong kid. I just don't know how to help her any advice would be nice.