Family helping during first week with baby

Did any of you ladies have help from family during your first week with baby? How did it look like for you? For me I don’t know if it was typical or not but my mother in law stayed with us for the week. But she basically held the baby the whole time. My husband did laundry and chores. I basically fed the baby and pumped. Since she was holding the baby I felt like I had no place there and so I’d pump. My husband would accuse me of avoiding the baby. Yep he told me that. That I was avoiding the baby. I loved my baby but I felt my mil took over and my husband didn’t see that. I wish I’d had that time to be with my baby and have actual help with house chores. Now I know I need to continuously set boundaries. My MIL is a nice lady but she can take over. And I’m so afraid of being rude that I say nothing. Sometimes idk if I’m being overly sensitive or if I’m right in being upset