Discrimination for be pregnant at work


Hey girls I need your help today I’m 9 weeks pregnant right now ..I’m working in a Dominican restaurant for almost 2 years.So my problem is that i went to the ER after work cause I was spotting it wasn’t too much but was blood and the doctor gave me 3 days to relax and stay home. I talk to the manager explane everything about my pregnancy and told her that I need a week off like vacation cause they never gave me vacations before and she said ok no problem and I told her the reason.A week later I texted her to confirm that the next day I started working again.And she told me that she talk to the boss about my situations and they can give only 2 days Saturday and Sunday 12to8 the hardest hours she also told me that she can’t give me my 5 days because of the appointment with my Ob and who’s ganna work for me when I have it and she can’t give me my days back

They don’t have the right to do that my pregnancy is going very good and normal thanks god I never said that I want less days and they gave me the hardest times to make me quick of my job

My husband said that we can talk to a lawyer and go to the court because they are discriminated me for being pregnant 🤰