Extremely pissed with my skin treatments, I’m not sure what to do

So I’ve been super busy in the past few months, I had no time to take care of my skin. My acne took over so I decided to arrange for a casual facial at a “very high quality” skincare center owned by a dermatologist in my region. I’ve already tried that place in the summer, when I had my chemical peel, and I was EXTREMELY pleased by the results so I was like “this is my place”.

Going there for my facial last week however wasn’t as expected. It was basically so shit I wanted to cry when I left. I basically payed €60 to have the lady there complaining that my whiteheads and pimples wouldn’t come out and that I shouldn’t pick on my skin (as If I don’t know that). She worked on my face for like 10min and was like “I can’t do anymore than this”, applied me a face mask and that was it. I went home having a face full of bumps. I also forgot to mention that she didn’t use any equipment for the extraction, just her hands, and she was pressing on my nose so hard I thought she would actually break it. The next day I woke up having cysts all around and onto my nose. I JUST FREAKED OUT. I’m not used to have pimples on my nose and she gave me some!!

Just look at it:

I got so stressed after that appointment that I thought another chemical peel would be the solution. I arranged an appointment for that and was so excited to go back there and get my skin repaired. I went there and guess what. SHE WAS THE ONE THAT WOULD GIVE ME THE PEEL. I got soooooo mad at that point. I just wanted to ask for another lady to do it but I was too shy to so I was like “let’s give her the chance once more.” I shouldn’t have. On my last chemical peel i gave €90 and the lady asked me to take of my top and jewelry, massaged me up to my arms, gave me the peel explaining every step (it was 3 steps), then put me the calming mask in the end and before leaving explained to me what I should do at home in the following days. This time was nothing like this. I went there, had the therapy just on the face (not even on the neck), with my tshirt and jewelry on, the peel was 2 steps as she claimed (which she mixed and applied at one time on my face), didn’t feel it working, no pain no nothing, and then the calming mask. I’m on day 3 of my peel, my skin is not dry, no peeling of skin yet, and I’m super angry for giving €90 for this useless and shitty service and treatment.

I don’t know If it’s best to complain, or just never go there again. I’ve lost a total of €150 in the past 2 weeks and my skin is no better than what it was. (It is actually worse having pimples on the nose)

What do you think I should do?