Am I being unreasonable?


Christmas. We are in a love hate relationship lol. So this year I'm a newly stay at home mom to my toddler, and we have baby #2 on the way. We don't have alot of family we are close to, so we like to get everyone something, even if it's just small. This year we decided on quite the small budget. Going down to one income and needing to buy the baby stuff, plus making sure my toddler comes first we just don't have alot of money to spend. We have 4 nieces and nephews, and then parents, siblings and grandparents. We decided on 25-30$ each (30 would be max after tax).

My issue is the in-laws. All of them. My fiance dad, sister and grandparents always go over board for everything. All gifts are crazy (one year they got his grandmother a 600$ gift that we were expected to go thirds on. So about 200 from us unexpectedly while pregnant with my first). I feel like my fiance sometimes feel pressured to spend more money because they usually do. Thankfully I usually do all the gift shopping so can stay within budget. However our neighbour is selling some car speakers. My FIL has been looking for some. My fiance told the neighbour he would ask his dad if he's interested. Ok cool. They are $150. When his dad says yes, he turns to me and says "Christmas gift?" . Wait What!? That 150 literally covers all nieces and nephews gifts. If it was my family it would be a big deal but he always drops money we don't have on his no problem.

I told him it was pricey considering our budget. He got upset. We are literally fighting about it still (well he's not talking to me). Should I just give it up? Just get the damn things for Christmas? Usually we would just shop around and not really care about price to a point (150 would still be a no lol) but money is so tight trying to adjust to one income.