Symptoms before BFP!!

Rachel β€’ Baby #1 - 12.05.2017 πŸ’• 🌈 Baby #2 due 07.26.2020 πŸ’™

I used to look up so many symptoms while TTC! Hopefully this can help someone else! Here are the symptoms I had!

5 DPO - very vivid dreams (not normal for me)

6 DPO - vivid dreams again, upset stomach, headache

7 DPO - cramps, insomnia, headache

8 DPO - cramps, pelvic pain on both the right and left side at different times, insomnia, upset stomach

9 DPO - upset stomach, hot flashes, heartburn, insomnia

10 DPO - cramps, pelvic pain, insomnia

11 DPO - Vivid dreams, cramps and BFP on FIrst Response!!

12 DPO - insomnia, BFP on digital!