My early pregnancy symptoms


I had some really unusual pregnancy symptoms this time and had I not been a weirdo and tested positive at 5DPO i still wouldn't know I was pregnant. So for ladies out there who think they're out because they're not nauseous were don't have symptoms that normal you're not out yet. I want to share the symptoms that looking back I can now see. I had severe constipation but this isn't really different than m period. The difference was that the closer it got to my. Being do I didn't get diarrhea like I usually do. I did start to have insomnia but that also happens close to my cycle. But what wasn't normal was my ears were popping every day. I had access burst of energy during the day. And I hiccuped everyday all the time. My HCG is now over 400 and that still the only symptoms I have so keep hope ladies even if you aren't sure it's a symptom little things count.