Are they right or wrong

When it comes to a relationship , do you ever listen to your friends advice or just do whatever you want ? Like I hang out with my boyfriend everyday , and I see on twitter or posts that say “don’t just ditch your friends for your bf”or “that’s gross if your bf is your only friend” and seeing that makes me feel a lil guilty but the truth is , my friends never put effort to hang out with me at all and I don’t have many friends tbh and I always like hanging out with my bf and he feels the same but he also hangs out with his friends and we just do our own thing whenever he wants so it’s like not I keep him chained or anything..... sometimes I feel like we put so many expectations or rules out there but we should just be able to do whatever we want and live however if it makes us happy ...?

Sorry if this post is all over the place I wasn’t sure how else to say it