I’m so annoyed ..

My bf incarcerated for one month ... and his car was at his mom house but he wanted me to go get it , to help me save money but the sticker on it expired.. so it was just parked here for 3 days & one day my apartment complex towed it. ( I’m new here didn’t know policy ) so I had to pay $280 to get it out... and I only make $580 every 2 weeks like average.. my phone bill was due , $70 .. I have to pay to get to work for 2 weeks 100 ( nothings cheap here ) , I put $50 for groceries to get me through for 2 weeks ... & I have to put money on the phone for him which was $50 just to talk to him for 2 weeks and then he has the nerves to ask me for $30 to put so he can eat.. I felt like that was so selfish I already had to push one bill back due to me having to get his car out that’s not right at all. 😭😭 I’ve done everything for him since he been in there... I visit him every week for hours , his kids come over here and I have put money in his account for canteen but once I told him no he got mad.. paying that $280 was more then half my check so that’s fucked up.. I wanted to get my hair done for thanksgiving , that was CANCELLED for sure.. only thing I could do for myself was get my brows done which was $10 just to feel fucking cute. What would you guys do ? & what’s would y’all say