Anyone have advice? In the summer my boyfriend and I bought a house. I gave him 5k in cash (I’m a dancer) to get the house. He only put the mortgage in his name because I didn’t want the broker to ask for all the paperwork on me. I was in a hurry as we were living with his mom with our baby. Well now he’s decided it’s his house and wants to kick my daughter and I out. He told me to get an apartment and he will pay child support/visit her when he can. I told him I’m not moving until I get my 5k and he said okay. Now I’m stuck living here. I’m heartbroken over everything and I don’t know how to move on. Obviously I would never go back to him but how can I make this easier on myself? I’m gone all day or I stay in my room. He’s been watching our daughter while I work and I watch her while he works. I just want to move on and give my daughter a good life. I’m sad because we had a baby, got engaged, and bought a house and now all of a sudden he doesn’t want me or his daughter. What the hell am I supposed to do..