Reasons Why I Cried Today:

1. My husband was sound asleep and snoring while I fed baby, pumped, rocked crying baby back to sleep.

2. My boobs felt squishy and baby needed a 1oz bottle after a feed, so I thought I wasn’t producing enough milk for him.

3. Toddler knocked over my Haakaa (I told him not to touch it 2 seconds earlier and moved it further away from him and then looked away) and spilled half the contents.

4. Husband took what was left of Haakaa milk and put it into the wrong bottle in the refrigerator. Then proceeded to tell me that “it doesn’t matter” (obviously, it matters to me) and that there was “next to nothing” left when I asked him how much did not get dumped over by our toddler.

I am SO over these baby blues. . . 🤦🏻‍♀️ I need a nap!