Grandpa in heaven with my baby


I’m gonna try to explain this as best I can. But I heard this today and just thought I’d share 💕

So a couple years ago my grandpa died(my moms dad) .and his partner he was with for 25+ years, she would take his ashes to a place they liked going to when he was still here.

Not that long ago like a few months ago, she went to a medium, and the first thing the medium said was “oh he tells me you’ve been taking him places” and she’s like yes I have . She then asked if he was in heaven, and the medium said “oh yes, he’s up there, I see him in a rocking chair rocking a baby, they are both okay and happy”

I’m the only one in my family who since he has died had a miscarriage . I believe he was holding my baby up in heaven. When I heard this story I just cried but felt really calm and at peace. When I had my miscarriage in March I was devastated, but I now feel better knowing my baby who didn’t get to come in this world is now with my grandpa .