vent post

I’ll be 35 weeks tomorrow and right now I feel as if I’m going to breakdown. Things are very tough for me right now. I’m 21 years old & I have a beautiful 18 month old daughter whom I LOVE beyond measures.However at this very moment, I feel like such a failure. I’m homeless and have been homeless for about 2 months now. I’m in college and haven’t been able to attend classes every since I have been homeless. I’m still getting my work completed and I have maintained all A’s & one B still to this day. I’m embarrassed to let anyone know about my situation which is why I’m posting anonymously. I just feel like I’m failing my kids and they would be better off without me. I’m trying to apply for as many apartments as possible so we can get somewhere to go ASAP but nothing seems to be falling through. I recently applied to one more and I should hear something from them by Monday and I just want you all to pray for my strength and pray that I get this apartment so me and my girls will have a place to go! It would be greatly appreciated.