Husband looking at my friends

So today my husband and I went to a hockey game with a couple of friends. One was his friend R and she has a friend A who she brought. I brought my friend M. So I rode with M and my husband rode with R and A. He told me later he felt like A was looking at him some type of way, but I doubt it.

But anyway, as we are walking to the stadium and around it and all that. I notice he is looking at my friend M and the other girl A. R is gay, but she noticed it. M my friend got uncomfortable and was trying to not stand by him so he wouldn’t look at her. And everyone just kinda felt that he was doing it. I am completely embarrassed and feeling insecure. Just kinda like down like it ruined the night. And I know the feeling when someone else’s man is looking at you and you try to hide or cover yourself. I just never thought that I would be the woman who’s man was doing that.

What do I even do? I already confronted him about it and he apologized and said he didn’t mean to... but he checks out women often. He would never cheat. He was a virgin when i met him. I’m at a loss. I know its natural to look but like when is he gonna just look every once in a while... also my friend M is extremely gorgeous and cool and sweet. Shes the type of girl he would’ve dated in the past.