Am I crazy to be mad? Is this normal?

My boyfriend and I moved in a little before I got pregnant. I would ask where something of mine was and he would say he didn’t know I needed it and would throw it away. This happened like everyday he would throw something of mine away and I wouldn’t find out until I was looking for it. He would say why am I mad. He would eat food that I would have saved like something I was craving all day and wouldn’t save me any let alone let me know it was gonna be gone. Then say why am I mad it’s just food. He would make big financial decisions and tell me about it afterwards.(got promoted making me have to quit school and work less)(got a car and made me sign papers didn’t even get to pick it out) I just had a baby and he dragged me to get a car. I thought I was there to make the decision as well. I of course had to take the baby. I was bleeding out and pumping and taking care of baby while he was test driving and apparently making his own opinions. Would get mad when I wanted a night out while he stayed out all night(5am was maybe the latest). He didn’t learn to change a diaper until my baby was 1. Would come home play with her for a few minutes after waking her up and turn over and go to sleep. Leaving me hella tired and annoyed. Maybe it was my hormones I dont know but I dont think this is a partnership. But what do I know I’m just a stupid woman 🤷‍♀️

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