Rant... opinions?

So I recently got out of a long term emotionally abusive and very difficult in general relationship. I was with this man for 5 years, and was happy to get out.

Now finally that I am ready to date, I met this awesome guy at school, we have the same major. We’ve been hanging out for a couple of weeks now, had sex and everything. He’s very caring, nice and very considerate.

Anyways, he asked me to help him with his project, cause his final is this upcoming Monday, and so we agreed that I’ll come over early in the afternoon today. In the morning he told me he had to run some errands, so I did my own thing, which was fine by me. He asked if I could come in later tonight and stay the night, I said yes. I was with a friend at a coffee shop working on our project. The coffee shop closes at 10 pm, so I told him I’ll be heading out then. He said he’ll grab us some coffee and energy drinks, so we could work through the night. At 10:30 I texted him asking when he’s gonna be home, cause I had to leave the coffee shop and I wasn’t gonna head home just to have to leave again and drive to his place. He didn’t respond.

I called at 11 pm, he didn’t pick up the phone.

At around 11:15 he texts me saying “hold up please.” I didn’t respond and just went straight home.

I’m slightly frustrated with the situation. I understand that he might’ve had something urgent come up, and that’s fine, I would just appreciate the heads up so I don’t have to wait not knowing what to do with my time. I don’t know if I’m overreacting and how to handle the situation?