Husband appreciation on a hard day


Today we had a terrible start to our Sunday morning. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and this morning I woke up and there was a small amount of blood after I went to the toilet. I woke my husband up and he immediately supported me in going to the ER just in case. Held my hand, spoke softly to me the whole time. We were sent home as it was only a small amount and I was having no pain.

As soon as we got home I went to the bathroom again and there was way more blood and a clot. I burst into tears. My husband drained of all colour, and thought he was going to pass out, he gets so worried when I might not be ok. But he hugged me close, led me to his car and drove us straight back to emergency. After three hours (and blood and urine tests) we got to see our little baby boy on the ultrasound, heart pounding away. The relief on my husbands face was palpable. The doctors said sometimes bleeding is normal, and there’s nothing they can see that should cause any concern.

The whole time we were in there he was holding my hand, getting me water and asking the questions I didn’t want to ask. He got on my <a href="">pregnancy apps</a> and looked up research to try and get me some answers. Then when we got home, he made me BOTH of my favourite breakfasts, put my favourite movie on and sat with me until I fell asleep. I napped for 3 hours and the whole time he’s been outside cleaning up our garden.

I don’t know what I ever did to be so lucky to deserve such a kind, caring and emotional man. Ladies, to those of you who I see putting up with all kinds of bad treatment on here - you don’t deserve it! There are wonderful men out there ❤️💙