First time pumping


I don’t know if I did it right and I’m looking for some advice/reassurance.

I decided it would be nice for my husband to get used to doing the night time routine so I can get longer stretches of sleep. We feed at 7 then down for the night and then we do a dream feed at 10 before we let him sleep until he wakes up. I pumped at 9:40 and I got 5 oz combined from both breasts. I only pumped for 15 minutes (wondering if I pumped a lot or not enough, should I try for a full half hour? It just seems like a lot of milk in a short amount of time)

Since I let him breastfeed til he’s full, I filled the whole bottle so he’d get enough. He drank the entire thing... I thought 4 week old babies only drank 2-3 oz per feeding...I should also say my boy is big. He’s 23-24 inches long and about 11 pounds, he’ll be 5 weeks old on Tuesday. He was totally satisfied, two good burps and no spit up which he’ll often do on the breast. Then he went down without a fuss.

I’m just wondering if this all sounds normal or if I need to adjust what I’m doing.