I feel like something is not going well but I’m stuck (dream)

What has happened in real life:

He has been talking to me while having a relationship with another girl (I didn’t know that at the time). Then he has stopped having conversations with me and started posting more things with his girlfriend and that basically that broke my heart. So many questions I have are not answered yet, but in the dream I had last night I asked everything.

My dream:

We went out for a walk (as friends), and I was like “finally I can ask you what’s been puzzling me this whole time”. And I asked “Were the feelings you portrayed through your messages to me real?”, the answer was a simple “No” but then he started crying... That made me feel that the “no” was a lie, and that he was really hurt. That he was hurt that I didn’t give him the chance earlier, and that it’s too late now do do something as he was with someone else.

I mean, If these are his real feelings in real life, and I’m a reason he is hurt, then I feel so bad. I regret about everything. I regret for not letting him take me out. But even if I did, he was already with someone else and I had no idea. I just hope he is happy, and not feeling what my dream has showed me. I just felt that something was not going well from months before. Every single day, I think of what I may have done wrong to this person, and how he could be feeling with how things have unwrapped. My feelings are still not over, I’m still heartbroken and I still love him. I just didn’t know it earlier. I had to lose him to realize it 😔