Oh no that’s fine...

I am sick as a dog. Pretty sure I have a chest infection of some kind (bronchitis or maybe even pneumonia with the way I feel). I feel like I’m going to throw up, have abdominal cramps, and a fever of 103.9. I also have an 11 week old baby and woke up with him at 5 so he could eat. My husband was up getting ready to go hunting. Takes one look at me and can tell I’m half dead and asks me what all is wrong so I tell him and he asks if I need anything. I ask him to hold the baby while I warm up a bottle. He goes “you don’t need me to stay home though do you? I really wanted to go out this morning.” Now bear in mind this man has hunted AT LEAST 4 times a week when he’s off since hunting season started while I’m home with the baby. Sometimes more - he took time off last week and hunted all day every day but 2. All I could do was stare

He’s like “I will skip lunch though.” (He was going to stop for lunch with his friend who also hunts all the damn time between morning and afternoon hunting.) He hands the baby back to me and again all I could do is just look at him. So he’s like “Is that not ok?” I’m like “Oh no, that’s fine. I do my best mothering when I’m half dead. The baby probably likes the extra body heat anyway.” So he says “thanks dear, you’re the best. Love you,” kisses my cheek, and walks out the door. And I’m just standing there like

I was a single mom with my oldest and did everything 100% on my own. I guess I’m going to have to speak up more or repeat that with this one 🤦🏼‍♀️

EDIT: This isn’t one of those “look what a terrible husband I have” posts. It’s supposed to be funny and relatable. I’m not mad at him.