Any kind of advice ?

I been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a couple years now. Throughout the whole relationship he really hasn’t had a job. When he has he find faults and quit. I have a lot of debt I need to pay off etc. I have a full time job that requires me to work nights and I picked up another job now I have two which leads me to no days off. My boyfriend suppose to get a car here in the next week or two his dad is giving him the money to get one. I definitely need this second job. I have a car, which we share a car etc if need be. So now since I got my second job he’s blaming me for not being able to go see his kids. Saying my second job is in the way. My second job requires me to have a car due to errands etc. we just moved into an apt like 1 month ago. Before then we were homeless sleeping in car etc and we had our pets with us. While being homeless I had lots of jobs contact me but I couldn’t take on a second until we was out of the car.. but he doesn’t work but blaming me for having a second job.. I have a lot of stuff to pay and can’t make it on just one job.. advice??