Boyfriend is toxic and disrespectful

My boyfriend has been really toxic! For the past few days he’s been accusing me of talking to someone else. When I’m not , we don’t have food in the house right so yesterday I decided to go to McDonald’s to get us some food , and he complained that I bought him breakfast from there. He accused me of going to McDonald’s to go meet someone else. When I was just hungry and trying to get us some food to eat at that moment. When I talk back to him he claims that I’m running my mouth and tries to kick me out of the house and says that “he doesn’t care where the fuck I go, as long as I leave his house” , then he ends up saying sorry and tries to kiss me. Fast foward : One night we were talking to eachother about what we went through when we was younger and so I told him that I’ve va lived with my grandma since I’ve been little , since my grandma and I aren’t the same skin color , he thinks I’m adopted. She’s light skin and I’m dark skin , I told him that is definitely my real grandma. So I told him like 10 minutes ago that I won’t be seeing my family for thanksgiving since I get off of work at 3:30 pm , and so I told him that my family said they will bring us thanksgiving dinner. I told him he’ll meet my cousin too , my guy cousin and then he has the nerve to say “that’s not even your real family and don’t bring no nigga in my house” I immediately stood up for myself and I said “YES THAT IS MY REAL FAMILY , YOUR NOT GOING TO TELL ME WHO MY REAL FAMILY IS JUST BECAUSE WE ARENT THE SAME SKIN COLOR” he said well they still aren’t your real family , i immediately walked away and went to the back room and now I’m balling my eyes out crying. I don’t know what to do. I start my new job on Wednesday, I’ll be working at the Sephora warehouse so when I make enough money from there , I think I will just find me a place out here and move out from his house. I’m not going to have anyone disrespect me and tell me my family is not my real family. I will never talk to him about anything personal again. What would you guys do in this situation? I’m completely upset. Now he just walked in the back room and said my vagina stinks , it smells fishy when I took a shower last night , he cooked chicken last night and left the chicken container in the kitchen so I know it’s definitely not me. I feel

Like he is very disrespectful and I don’t need to be with him.