What do I do

So when my ex and I broke up we said we would stay friends because we’re literally the only people that we tell everything to (it goes both ways) well after about a month we decided to be fwb because we both know what the other person likes and stuff and it’s just easy, the first night was AMAZING

Fast forward to recently and we both talked about it and agreed that we were the right person but wrong time, so then he said “you’re basically my girlfriend just without commitment and a title” which is fine with me I don’t want commitment or a title right now,

but whenever something comes up about liking someone or something he says “it’s okay I know you don’t like me like that” and I feel heart broken because I do but I know we need to wait until it’s the right time and we were talking about apartments and he said “you’re gonna have a key to my apartment btw” and winked at me and I feel like he’s sending so many mixed signals, help

Edit* we broke up because our parents were controlling our relationship and making it hard for us to be together