Post pregnancy & Masturbation


Hello everyone,

I am now currently 8 weeks postpartum. My bf and i have had many ups and downs because for our first 2 years of our relationship he was constantly snapping with other females. He would do great but then fuck up again. The last time I seen was before we had our son. SMH well, I've given him the opportunity to actually make it work this time because our son almost passed away and he's deleted everything and all the other females. Well, I haven't been feeling too sexy much after having the baby and going through what we have. I mean, I give it up to him quite a bit when he wants it. There has been a time or two I've denied it because I didn't feel clean. I hope other Mama's understand what I mean...well, we had sex at 12 last night and this morning at 5 I woke up because my daughter needed the bathroom, he was in the bathroom masturbating to porn on Snapchat and said it wasn't a big deal. Usually it wouldn't be but to me, I'm not feeling 100% confident in my body and I mean, I was right there, he didn't even try to get it from me before going to that. so should I be upset with him or should I have gone in and gave him a hand?!?