I’d just like to say natural birth is some-thin!!


-I’d just like to say natural birth is some-thin!!... I am one to write out my entire story; I just dont feel it’s worth it... well to strangers.. I feel it’s just something to read, soo wtbs, Just here to express and share my gratitude: after all I had no complications. No pain meds; whatsoever. 17 hours of Labour... and most importantly and of all a Beautiful, Healthy, and Wisdom granted BabyBoy!..

Meet Jeneral Jadon Azeil 🥰🎉🙌🏽🎁

Happy Birthday 🎁 🎊 Son ❤️🎉


Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃

Our 7lb 9oz plumpkin has made his grand entrance on, November 26, 2019; 5:17 a.m 20.5in!!!

Three Days early, 39 weeks 4days,

yet he was already a warm welcome 🙏🏽 to the year itself, now he’s finally here and I get to hold you in my arms!... Mommy and Daddy Love you 😍

Thank you all for reading!! 😘😘