Pregnant but not fragile!


Mostly just a vent post but I’m getting a little annoyed with the amount of friends and family members who are treating me like I’m a piece of glass.

This is my second baby, so I’m pretty familiar with pregnancy do’s and dont’s. I’m a low risk pregnancy and my doctor told me that I can continue with normal physical activities like before pregnancy, just nothing super crazy or dangerous obviously. My first born is 3 and sometimes I’ll carry him if he falls asleep or whatever - no big deal, I did it before pregnancy and it’s no different now. But my grandparents won’t let me carry a LAUNDRY BASKET up and down the stairs because I’m pregnant. Are you kidding me?🙄

Any other mommas being treated so fragile? Like you could break any second?

I know she means well but I gotta get shit done okay 😂