Emergency C-section at 35 weeks


My December 9 Baby turned into a November 6. This is my third baby, with my first two pregnancy and labor were so smooth. (Both vaginal deliveries) I was expecting the same for this one. For starters I had such a hard pregnancy with a couple of complications. I was seeing my OB and also a High Risk Pregnancy OB. It was appointment after appointment. Some complications were: gallstones, cyst on my right ovary, asthma, and to top it off a had an antibodies (anti-E). So not only was I freaking out but I had to take it easy. Every appointment I had to have blood drawn to make sure the numbers didn’t go up on my anti-e body. Thankfully they never did. I had great doctors who were always explaining everything to me. At 35 weeks, I was having really bad pain on my lower right side to where I couldn’t stand still nor sit. I called my doctor and was told to head to L+D. The car ride to the hospital was excruciating. After I was seen by the nurse, she told me she got a hold of my OB and to prepare for an emergency C-Section. My right cyst on my ovary twisted and was cutting any blood to my ovary. At that point my OB came in to see me and explained everything to me. I was in so much pain but I didn’t want a c-section. I was freaking out and crying. Gladly my husband was with me at all times. He was able to calm me down and went into surgery right after. Everything happened so fast!! I got through it with constant prayer for my baby girl and myself. After my baby girl was born they took her to NICU due to her not being able to breath on her own. She stayed there for about a week. My husband and I would go see her everyday and leaving every time was so hard. I cried so much for her, but I knew it was was best for her. Meanwhile at home I tried to recover and rest from my surgery. The aftermath was the most painful thing I had ever gone through physically. My babygirl is now 3 weeks old and I look at her and can’t believe everything we went through together. We are so in love with her. I thank the Lord everyday for her!