41 week Induction!


November 22 I went into L&D at 41 weeks so nervous & scared to deliver my 3rd child via induction. My prior 2 both came before their EDD. I got to the hospital at 7AM & they started the Pitocin around 8:30AM. I was 4cm dilated & 50% effaced. By 11AM the contractions were hard & 1-2 minutes apart so I asked them to check how I’ve progressed to decide if I wanted the epidural. They came around 11:30AM by now I was 7CM dilated & my doctor advised me to go ahead & get the epidural so I could rest as he wasn’t expecting me to deliver until 4-5PM.. So he called in the anesthesiologist & they got the epidural in by 12:15PM. Literally as soon as I laid back on the bed I looked at my doctor & told him I needed to push. The epidural had not kicked in yet, I could still feel my contractions & the crowning beginning. He says no way, but still checks me.. I’m fully dilated & The nurse runs to get the delivery team, by the time they raised the ceiling lights & my leg/hand rests my water broke. baby is born at 12:34PM. This was my fastest delivery & I’m grateful for the failed epidural because I wanted to go natural as I had done with my first born. I was definitely anticipating that nap tho. Lol I had read/watched so many birth stories, but none of them compare to my own. Extremely blessed, my first born son Isaiah Lee. 💙