Bf’s full of empty promsies

Sorry small rant...

Today I told my bf I wanted to talk to him to try and either work our relationship out or come to some sort of agreement. (I’m 30 weeks pregnant). He’s adamant he wants us together and have a life together. But he’s been caught talking to multiple girls online and on tinder. (Since being pregnant I’ve found this out)

And his best friend knew about this! And they joked around about it. He knows I’m not really uncomfortable about their friendship because his friend encouraged that behaviour and is always talking about half naked girls and nudes.

Anyways today I was like what time can we see each other, and he was like 7:30-8pm and I was like cool see you then. And then 7:55pm rolls around and he goes “maybe we’ll just catchup tomorrow instead, I’m going to be out later than 8 with (the guy who knew he had tinder and another mate of theirs)”.

I replied back with “um but you said we’d see each other by 8”

And I have yet got a reply back.

I don’t know why I even try to give him another chance. That was literally what this conversation tonight was about, about if we can work past the messages/tinder things (he didn’t sleep with anyone, just messaged them).

I’m loosing feelings for this guy and the fact he chose to hang out with a guy he knows I’m not comfortable with, over trying to fix our relationship is just mind boggling to me. Since he’s the one begging for me to give us another chance and try work it out. Yet he’s changed none of his behaviour :// I never know where he is or what he’s doing, cause I never believe him because he’s always lying about things that don’t even need to be lied about or deleting messages. He gives me no reassurance what so ever :(

Bad part about it all is, he’s going to get upset at me now and say how he can’t live without me and this baby, and how it’s not fair if i break up with him. I just can’t take this anymore. He turns everything back onto me and plays the victims.

In response to comments:

* im not “blaming” the friend. I’m allowed to be uncomfortable with the friendship due to other dodgy actions of this friend and am wary of his influence on my boyfriend. No I was not aware of the tinder messages before falling pregnant as I wouldn’t of stayed with him if I had found that out. And no we don’t live together because we’re young and I do not want him moving in with me unless we can somehow get past all this. The baby will be living with me, it’s already been discussed.