Testing, UPDATE!!! TEST DONE!!!

Is it okay to test after having sex, wanted to go buy a first response and test since I haven’t had my morning pee yet. Will the test read accurately, plan on buying first response or my store brand but it shows blue dye (something else I don’t understand lol)

** Sorry I should’ve mentioned I’m 5 days late on my period according to this app but my other apps say I am 8 days late. I have tested but got a positive on a blue dye test and then negative on a digital. I tested Saturday got a positive then tested last night and got a faint positive and negative on digital. I just wanted to be sure me having sex wouldn’t affect the test since we did not pull out**

Update!!! ** I emailed my ob my cycle is late I just restested, hubs didn’t get first response since this one is compared to it. Now does anyone see the line because I’m going nuts? It’s vvvvf