Am I the only one who really wants to mate within their race?

I have absolutely nothing against Caucasian men nor women. I come from a small colonised country and (despite still feeling the hurt on behalf of my indigenous ancestors and my people still experiencing many injustices to this day), my country prides itself on homing and accepting many/all races. I myself am part white and have had Caucasian partners. It’s simply, as I’ve become older my preference for men have swayed toward Polynesian guys. I think it’s more of an animalistic instinct, to want to mate with someone who looks like yourself and your parents/family. I’d love for my children to be the same race as me so they can feel apart of our dying culture and to truly want to inherit my peoples traditions and the mothers tongue. Recently, a friend called me out on where I stand, do you? Or is it nothing but a innocent preference and normal for an animal to be attracted to its own kind and feel the urge to reproduce within its own race/breed?

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