My babe won't take naps except on me.


The night is fine and she'll wake up maybe once. But during the day every time I make the transfer after she's very asleep, she always pops right back up. Doesnt matter if she's swaddled or not. This used to not be an issue.

I have Thanksgiving dinner at 5 and my husband doesnt get home until 430. I'm sitting on the couch with wet hair and everything, holding her after two other failed nap attempts and a failed shower attempt. I tried to take a 10 minute one and she became so angry that I had to walk her around for 30 mins, she would cry if I tried to sit too.

I guess I will wait until he gets home to get ready at this point. She will be super fussy at Thanksgiving if she doesn't get this nap. I hope she grows out of this and that I haven't actually "spoiled" her like everyone warms me will happen. I refuse to let her cry it out.

Happy 1st Thanksgiving tho!

Maybe we'll get a picture later lol. šŸ¤¦šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø