How long do your babies nap?


And how long are they awake between them?

My girl naps for 40 minutes On. The. DOT. There have been rare occasions where she bumps it up to 60 minutes, but I could easily walk into the room at exactly 40 minutes after she fell asleep and her eyes will pop open. She wakes up either crying or calm.

Then she's awake for about an hour, it depends on the activities she gets up to. If I'm just talking to her and shes laying down and having a chill time it's just over an hour but if it's full playtime and tummy time it's less than an hour.

Unfortunately every nap starts with crying because she will not get drowsy and instead gets overtired every time no matter how hard I try to get her to sleep before shes upset it just leads to tears no matter what.

My days are super demanding