Emotional husband


My husband gets emotional about everything. Some people may think that’s a good thing, but it’s actually extremely draining. Today he picked three different fights. One was that when we go to my moms for Christmas he doesn’t want to stay there because he doenstlike her husband. I told him let’s plan later and leave it alone. He harped on it and it wound up turning into a huge argument because he said I take my stepdads side. The second one was that his family did karaoke and I kindly declined. I don’t sing in public, it’s uncomfortable to me and I just didn’t want to do it. He felt I was being difficult. The next one... he had a migraine so I drove us home. Right when we got out the car he started throwing up. I just kept my distance til he was done. When we got inside he was so pissed at me saying that I am cold and I could’ve helped him. I facetiously said “did you want me to hold your hair back?!” Because he has no hair and insisted I should’ve done something to help him although I spent many pregnant nights throwing up by myself while he was watching tv or hanging out. Never bothered me. It’s exhausting. Then when he walks out the bathroom with wet hands he splashed it in my face cuz he was angry. I’m losing my patience with this childish behavior. It causes anxiety cuz I can’t snap him out of it when he’s like that.